• A Happy Hour... Everyday!
  • A Happy Hour... Everyday!
  • A Happy Hour... Everyday!
  • A Happy Hour... Everyday!
  • A Happy Hour... Everyday!
  • A Happy Hour... Everyday!
  • A Happy Hour... Everyday!
  • A Happy Hour... Everyday!
6:05 ‘ZINE
  • Balloon Modeling
  • Pick-up Sticks
  • Snakes & Ladder/ Ludo
  • Game Room: Charades
  • Game Room: General Knowledge
  • Game Room: Movie Buff
  • Dominoes
  • Tin Lunch Box
  • Snack-tastic! Lunch box
  • Brain Food Lunch Box
  • Thumbs Up Bat Mug
  • Thumbs Up Travel Lens Mug
  • Finger Max
  • Black Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy
  • Gourmet Scratch Map
  • Thumbs Up Robomug
  • Thumbs Up Ninja Mug
  • Leather Post Cards
  • Wooden Collection Candles by Gilles Dewavrins
  • Wooden Collection Candles by Gilles Dewavrins
  • Games Room: Dominoes
  • Games Room: Poker Set
  • Games Room: Card Set
  • DIY Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy
  • Sardine Paper Clips
  • Animal Gift Wrap
  • Scratch Map Deluxe
  • Oil & Co Pourer
  • Glugg Water Bottle Red
  • Fleurs Blanches Candles
  • Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton
  • This is Happening
  • Love Life & Style by Garance Dore
  • Read This If You Want to Take Great Photos by Henry Caroll
  • Orient/Occident Mode D'emploi by Yang Liu
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
  • Where Chefs Eat
  • How to Speak Emoji
  • Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls. by Leandra Medine
  • Fashionable Selby
  • Fashion: Illustration Now!
  • Instacraft
  • The Curious Bartender
  • Italian Phrasebook
  • A Little Bit of Dreams by Stase Michaels
  • Rifle Kid's Classics: A Little Princess
  • Why Fashion Matters
  • The Little Book of Drinking Games by Quentin Parker

Named after that famous time of the day, 6:05® is not just a time.

It’s an urban culture. A hub for the new. A playground for the avant-garde.

It’s a concept store that is alive through fresh fashion, design & lifestyle…

A SPACE where you can shop some of the trendiest must-wears, must-haves & must-reads, from the coolest & hippest international brands for MEN, WOMEN & TWEENS.

But it’s also a SPACE that celebrates all of its ‘friends’ by bringing them together every now & then, around new happenings & experiences.

At 6:05®, you can dance, daydream, taste a rainbow, and even time-travel… Yes, we do have a TIME-TRAVELLING-MACHINE. In fact, it’s right there in the store. You could call it an elevator, but that’s up to you!

A space where even walls have something to say, and cool products to display… like 6:05®’s SUNGLASS-STATION that’s got a shade for every grade of sunshine, and that goes from floor to ceiling! (ok… nearly to the ceiling, but that’s still pretty high!)

There’s also a MEZZANINE filled to the core, and lots of stuff to check-out on the SECOND FLOOR!

Basically, you could say there’s always LOTS-OF-NEW, and PLENTY-OF-MORE in this continuously renewed URBAN CONCEPT STORE!

Oh, one more thing… there’s even a Happy Hour every day at 6:05®!!

Yep, like we said. You can spin our CLOCK OF FORTUNE if you’re making a purchase between 6:05pm & 7:05pm, any day, for the chance to win anything from a pat on the back & a sloppy kiss, to free yoga classes, dinners for 2, concert tickets… and even major surprise discounts!

Feeling lucky? So join our culture.


Zen Bldg, Charles Malek Avenue,

St Nicolas


T. + 961 1 335 450



Verdun Main Street

T. +961 1 790409


Furn El Hayek St. Ayoub Bldg. 4th Fl.

Ashrafieh, P.O.Box 16-5372

Beirut, Lebanon

T. +961 1 217130

M. +961 3 017060

F. +961 1 217126

  • > FRANCE 

    Europe Manutention P/C
    4 Rue du Chapelier 
    Zone Cargo 4 
    95700 Rpissy CDG


    Les Portes de Roissy 3eme Etage

    BP 16660 - Tremblay France 

    73 Av du General de Gaulle

    93700 Roissy en France


    Gaelle Piroux
    Tel: +33.1.70 03 82 79
    Fax: +33.1.75 44 90 52

    Vanessa Grebert 
    Tel: +33.1.70 03 10 96
    Fax: +33.1.75 44 90 52

    Monika Khemmache
    Tel: +33.1.70 03 91 33
    Fax: +33.1.70 03 10 83

  • > ITALY 

    Via Dante, 97/B
    20090 Limito di Pioltello (MI) - Italy

    M. Fiorentine or Venera
    Tel: +39 02 92 91 141

    Fax: +39 02 92 16 66 27

  • > USA 

    1229 Old Walt Whitman Road
    Melville, NY 11747

    Roseann Esposito
    Tel: +11 63 13 96 68 28
    FAX: +11 63 13 96 68 01