Named after that famous time of the day, 6:05® is not just a time. 

It’s an urban culture. A hub for the new. A playground for the avant-garde. 

It’s a concept store that is alive through fresh fashion, design & lifestyle… A SPACE where you can shop some of the trendiest

must-wears, must-haves & must-reads, from the coolest & hippest international brands for MEN, WOMEN & TWEENS. 

But it’s also a SPACE that celebrates all of its ‘friends’ by bringing them together every now & then,

around new happenings & experiences.

At 6:05®, you can dance, daydream, taste a rainbow, and even time-travel…

Yes, we do have a TIME-TRAVELLING-MACHINE. In fact, it’s right there in the store. You could call it an elevator,

but that’s up to you! A space where even walls have something to say, and cool products to display… like 6:05®’s

SUNGLASS-STATION that’s got a shade for every grade of sunshine, and that goes from floor to ceiling! (ok… nearly to the ceiling,

but that’s still pretty high!) There’s also a MEZZANINE filled to the core, and lots of stuff to check-out on the SECOND FLOOR! 

Basically, you could say there’s always LOTS-OF-NEW, and PLENTY-OF-MORE

in this continuously renewed URBAN CONCEPT STORE!